Japan's newest restaurant has requirements for age, weight, and clothing.

Naked restaurants are popping up throughout the globe, according to Eater. London and Melbourne were among the most recent cities to take part of this unorthodox dining trend, and now, Tokyo has joined the list.

The Amrita, which reportedly means “immortality” in Sanskrit, will open on July 29, according to Rocket News 24. However, unlike previous nude dining establishments, Amrita has some restrictions regarding the type of person who is allowed at the restaurant.

Customers must have no tattoos, be between 18 and 60 years of age, and weight no more than about 33 pounds over what is considered to be the “average” weight for their height. As the Japanese are known for being very petite in height and stature, it is uncertain exactly what standards will be used to determine what one’s “average body weight” should be.

If that’s not discriminatory enough, patrons who appear to be over the weight limit will be weighed at the door. Those who exceed the limit will be refused entry with no refunds. Those who pass will probably feel like crap during the meal, since they apparently look like they weigh more than they actually do.

After entering, a reservation check will confirm the age of each patron. Customers will then go to an area where they will remove their clothing, put on paper underwear, and lock phones and cameras in a table-top box before heading to their table. Diners are not allowed to talk to other customers or touch others’ bodies.

For those who wish to be entertained while eating dinner wearing paper underwear, a show featuring male models and male servers in g-strings is provided. Tickets including the show range from $112 - $563, while those who choose to just dine can purchase tickets for $131, $169, or $262, depending on the organic course menu chosen.

Tickets for July 29, 30, and 31 are sold out, and Amrita’s official website said the location of the restaurant will be sent to patrons through a confirmation email. 

Sources: Eater, Rocket News 24 / Photo credit: Rocket News 24