As if you didn't have enough to worry about during work hours — like, you know, doing your job — a new survey by has now found that 71% of respondents have reportedly had their personal snacks, drinks or meals stolen out of the communal office kitchen.

Rivetingly, only a coy 35% of the respondents admit to having taken something out of the kitchen that does not belong to them, but that’s not the point. The takeaway here is that snack-snatching is real, and if you work in an office, data demonstrates that it could happen to you!

So how do you stop it? Who’s to blame?

Well, according to Peapod, it’s the Millennials. 

“Millennials in the workforce are most at risk of losing their snacks – a whopping 73% report having had their food taken at work. They're also most likely to retaliate, as 48% admit they have perpetrated snack thievery,” reports Peapod in PR Newswire.

Geographical location and gender are other big factors: Nearly 40% more urban workers than rural workers admit to snatching somebody else’s snack. Additionally, men were nearly twice as likely as women to help themselves — ahem, steal — a coworker’s food. 

Of course, Peapod is happy to offer its Internet-grocer services to hangry offices in need.

"Peapod is servicing more businesses than ever – from small start-ups to large organizations like hospitals and universities," Peg Merzbacher, Vice President of Regional Marketing for Peapod, told PR Newswire. "Employees seem to seek out this perk since it helps promote balance when hard at work; with services like Peapod it's so easy for businesses to have their kitchens stocked regularly." 

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Sources: Peapod, PR Newswire / Photo credit: PR NewswireBusy Creating Memories