Not even a month after Oreo rolled out its two newest summer flavors — Blueberry Pie and Fruity Crisp — it has announced its plans for its forthcoming flavor iteration.

Get ready for the Walmart-exclusive Oreo that we can expect to hit the shelves in 2017: Cookies & Creme. According to Market Watch, it’s “a cookie flavor based on an ice cream flavor which is based on an Oreo cookie.”

First things first: considering that “cookies and cream” is a variety of ice cream based on the Oreo — it was given that name specifically to avoid using the sandwich-cookie’s trademarked name — the choice feels needlessly meta.

It’s an Oreoception: The Dream Is Real.

However! Before you go off scoffing and dismissing Nabisco for its new and embarrassing appeal to all those basic American consumers out there, consider this: They didn’t choose to do this. We did.

Walmart Stores Inc. recently held a vote to determine a new flavor of cookie to feature at its stores, and Oreo-aficionados (aficionoreos?) voted for Cookies & Creme over the two other contenders: Jelly Donut and Caramel Apple.

The Oreo-flavored Oreo will feature “additional cookie flakes mixed into the creme filling,” essentially rendering it almost identical to the typical Oreo, but with a slight net-loss of creme filling.

Source: MarketWatch / Photo credits: Brian’s Running Adventures, Walmart