There is something magical about sweet potatoes. Not only are the orange tubers deliciously sweet, but they are also incredibly filling and practically overflowing with nutrients. The same goes for toast—you cannot go wrong with a tasty slab of carbs onto which you can pile any assortment of delectable toppings, from avocado to salmon and everything in between.

Even better than solitary sweet potatoes or toast, however, is the newest Instagram trend—sweet potato toast! According to Metro, the magical new food was developed by Kelsey, a blogger on Little Bits Of, who realized that it’s possible to substitute the root vegetables for everyday bread by placing thin slices of sweet potatoes in the toaster. The result? Incredibly healthy, caramelized perfection that can be topped with practically anything and lends itself perfectly to social media.

Below, we’ve gathered up some of our favorite Instagram photos of sweet potato toast. Personally, we’ll be trying almond butter and bananas first, but with a wealth of options, from eggs to radishes, the sky’s the limit on this wonderful new food trend!

Source: Metro / Photo credit: Kelsey Preciado/Instagram