Prepare for the best summer of your life—wine ice cream, or Winecream, now exists, and it’s just as magical as you might imagine.

According Metro, the geniuses at the Crossroad Company have made all of your dreams come true by combining your two favorite foods—wine and ice cream—into one delicious dessert (although we suggest eating Winecream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well). The new delicacy is created by mixing real wine with sugar, cream, and flavorings before using liquid nitrogen to flash-freeze the entire product.

In case you’re wondering, this process preserves the wine’s alcohol content, making Winecream the perfect accompaniment to all of your summer adventures. The final product contains approximately ten percent alcohol, and is available in two equally magical flavors—mixed berry and chocolate covered strawberry. Personally, we’ll be trying both, ASAP.

Unfortunately, Winecream is currently available only at select private events and music festivals. However, considering the sheer genius of the product, we have high hopes that it will soon be available to a broader market. In the meantime, we suggest that you enjoy your wine and ice cream separately, dreaming of the good times to come!

Source: Metro / Photo credit: Crossroad Company