It's Hump Day, and we have a special treat that will help catapult you toward the weekend. Enjoy!

1. If you are like us, you probably love pancakes.

2. Maybe you love them a lot.

3. You might even adore them more than any other food.

4. Do you dream about the way syrup drips down a thick pancake stack?

5. Or the way the butter starts melting the second you drop a pad of it on your stack?

6. Or that feeling when your fork digs into the fluffy pile of heaven?

7. Maybe you fantasize about having an endless stack of pancakes:

8. In that case, it would be important to be able to flip the pancakes fast enough that they can make it to your mouth...

9. Or maybe you'd rather be efficient and make one large Super Pancake:

10. If you're into novelty pancakes, check out this pancake artist:

11. And this awesome BB8:

12. And this super elaborate Deadpool pancake:

13. Maybe you're more into having a classic pancake stack, and we support you.

14. Because there's nothing like the glorious moment after you successfully flip the pancake.

15. Nailed it!

16. And then you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

17. Maybe top it with something outrageously delicious, like bananas flambe.

18. Or just a classic butter pad and a healthy drizzle of syrup. Nothing beats the classics.

19. Whatever your taste, we hope you enjoy your pancakes!

Featured Photo Credit: artistuniversity/Instagram